The Indie Dads Podcast

13 | Bad Partnerships and New Beginnings

February 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 13
The Indie Dads Podcast
13 | Bad Partnerships and New Beginnings
Show Notes

In this episode, Malcolm and Bryan discuss some big changes from the past couple of weeks.

Malcolm just returned from a fun but exhausting family vacation, where he had to fight off food-stealing monkeys while playing golf off the top of a water slide (or something close to that). 

Bryan shares some big changes in his partnership and what he'll be focusing on over the next two weeks before he returns to work, full-time.

Let us know what you think and what we should do more of in the future!


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About this podcast:

We're Bryan and Malcolm, a couple of dads sharing our journey about bootstrapping our indie businesses while still prioritizing our young families.

Our goal is financial and location independence, but not at the expense of our families, our kids' happiness, or our relationships.

That doesn't mean we won't work hard and hustle in order to get things off the ground, but our priorities will always be family-first.

We believe that you can bootstrap a successful SaaS, Freelance, or Indie business while still enjoying the family life. We're here to share our learnings as we build our businesses from scratch.